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Welcome to the home of model railway Camtrucks

00 Gauge Camtrucks Here


Camtrucks are quite simply a small high definition video recorder mounted in a model railway truck. This allows a video to be made from the point of view of the engine driver.

Model railways really come to life when viewed like this. You can travel through the stations and tunnels just like a real train.

A 00 gauge version is now available and availability can be found on the Products page of this website. This is both 720P HD and 120 degree wide angle.

View Demo here. If you have spent a long time making a detailed model railway, you owe yourself a ride on your creation.

View the "Products" page for more details and how to order.

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Branor Systems is a small Electronic Development company that specialises in Model Making accessories.

email address for all enquiries: brucepiggott@ntlworld.com

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3D Head Printing Service:

We can scan you in if you can come to Hertford, Herts, UK

or you can scan yourself - see below

Click on the link below to watch a video of how to scan a head for printing.


Then contact us and we will send you a Drop Box invite to send us the pictures

We will then analyze the pictures and let you know if we can print from them.

Prices from 48 which includes the first 65mm high Head Bust Print

It requires the subject to keep still for 2 minutes while you take a series of pictures from many different angles. Look at the video above.

When we receive the pictures we will advise you whether they are suitable for analysis.

There is no charge until the pictures are suitable and you agree to go ahead.

Then we do the processing and printing then send you the model bust.

If you would like to take advantage of this service contact:


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Our Main Services

Manufacture of Model Railway Camera Trucks. Solid state video cameras built into Model Railway wagons.

Other optical devices for model makers.

Electronic mail
General :     brucepiggott@ntlworld.com