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Camtrucks available Here

You Tube Camtruck demonstration videos

Take a ride on your model train layout from the viewpoint of the engine driver

Below is a list of links to videos of users of the Branor Camtrucks

00 Gauge Wide Angle videos:

Hornby Magazine review    Take a ride on their layout

Newton Abbot update    Great video by Trevor Tuckley

Around the De Havilland layout in HD Widescreen

A Somerset and Dorset compilation involving many layouts 14 minutes of great layouts from various contributors.

Mike Harris's 'Solderham & Overwood'

Mick Archer's layout    A journey back to the end of steam in the 1960s

Birthday video for Alan Davison    Video tribute to a fathers great layout. Intro by Branor Camtruck

Garry Hall, York Central on home made 3-rail track    3 rail systems captured on a Branor Camtruck

Bath Green Park layout. By Taunton Model Railway Group    Video by Philip Fowler

Ray Owen's layout (massive)

Michael Rennie's work in progress

Anthony Ace's layout

Alex Cunningham's layout

00 Gauge Narrow Angle videos: These Camtrucks now obsolete

James Knights, Western Model Railway HO

Mike Robinson's Loft Layout

Trevor Tuckley's magnificent 00  'Newton Abbot' layout

As above but with a very novel use of the CamTruck

Peter's Mahood's Layout in Queensland OZ Part 1

Peter's Mahood's Layout in Queensland OZ Part 2

Mike Wilcox's layout. Clockwise

Mike Wilcox's Layout. Stationary

Richard Ballon's BR blue period late 70's early 80's

N Gauge videos: These Camtrucks now obsolete

Good example of Camtruck use from Paddy McFarlan

Priory Park set in 1960s

Abindgon & District Model Railway Club's "Ensbury park"

Paul Hull's front side video

Chris Hurley's layout. A slow run

Stephen Grist, Lincolnshire. Good Montage

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Customized Cam Trucks:

We receive many requests to mount the video electronics in other types of trucks.  There are several issues here.

Firstly - only 00 gauge trucks will be considered. N gauge is far to small and difficult.

The Hornby R6422 00 gauge Van was chosen because it has sufficient space inside to accommodate the electronic module. Many trucks that we have examined do NOT have sufficient space inside. It requires a clear space of 30.3mm wide, 45mm long and 15mm deep.

Also, we have made jigs to speed manufacture and these are all for the Hornby truck. If we did modify a different type of truck it would have to be totally hand made. This would take extra time and therefore expense.

It is important that the truck can be taken apart without damage (no glue) and that the internal space is clear with no obstructions and there is at least 30.3 mm clear width inside.

It is also important to use a short wheelbase truck because the camera view is fixed and when travelling around a corner the view point moves away from track centre to the outer edge of the curved rail section. This effects gets worse as the wheel base increases. If you look at the De-Havilland demo video you will see the effect of travelling around curves:


 The aesthetic appearance of the truck will be effected by the mandatory apertures that have to be cut in the top and sides to allow access to the control switches and USB cable.

With the above in mind, if you would like to send us a truck at your expense that you think would be suitable we will examine it and give you a report on feasibility and cost. Please don't send a truck without testing it's suitability from the above requirements.

Expect that it would cost around 25 more than the standard CTHD002 truck unless they were ordered in fairly large quantities.

Your comments welcome: brucepiggott@ntlworld.com

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CamTrucks for hire:

Would you like to hire a CamTruck for 30 days for 25 to make videos of your layout and then return it? This could be your cheap option if you are not planning to modify your layout any time soon and just want a record of the way it is now. Just pay the full price and then return it within 30 days, and if still in pristine condition we will refund your money minus 25. You can of course keep the videos that you have made of your layout. If you decide to keep the CamTruck, just do so and after 30 days we will consider it sold.

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I am very pleased to see pictures of the results of videos of layouts captured with Cam Trucks. If you would like to see your modelling results with Branor products shown here, send me some pictures and/or links. Some examples are below:

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Hi Bruce

Received the Camtruck yesterday and all fine thank you. Your instructions are excellent and easy to understand.

Managed a quick test run and everything worked just as it should. Very pleased with the results.

Regards Ted Baker  (6th September 2019)

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Camtruck safely received this morning.  Thank you for your prompt service. 

Truck works perfectly and will enable recording of my embryonic layout as it develops.  It has already shown several areas where attention to track is needed before further development takes place.  A great toy and tool. Regards Edward

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Hi bought n gauge cam truck from you about a month ago.  All modelling seems to have come to a full stop as I am now addicted to your camera. Thanks very much for a great product which is simple to use and gives great results.

Hope you enjoy my latest effort and please feel free to add it to your web site. Kind regards  Steve Grist, Lincolnshire. (see You Tube link above)


From the N Gauge Forum www.NGaugeForum.co.uk

on: Yesterday at 05:28:58 pm

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I just received a Cam Truck from Bruce Piggott at Branor Systems (http://www.branor.co.uk/).  This is the same wagon mounted video camera reviewed in a recent issue of the NGS Journal.

The cameras cost about 70 and I chose to supply my own VBA van for the conversion because Farish isn't currently producing VBA van's in BR bauxite livery, which I wanted mine to have.  The Cam Trucks are hand built by Bruce to a very high standard and they are very easy to operate.  Video quality is surprisingly good for such a small camera.

I was impressed with Bruce's good communications as I live in California and had to make all arrangements with him via email.

I hope if any of you have been "on the fence" about purchasing one of these cameras that this little review convinces you to buy one.  It is really a nifty little piece of equipment.

Finally, the usual disclaimer - I have no relationship with Bruce or Branor Systems other than as a very satisfied customer.




Just writing to thank you for the superfast delivery of the N gauge CamTruck that I ordered on the 28th. It arrived this morning and has exceeded my expectations in its neat design and the quality of the video.

 Many thanks.  Richard Gagen  (3/5/2011)


I received the CamTruck yesterday, great service and a really well engineered and novel piece of equipment, I tried it yesterday and the results were fantastic, hope to get a decent video of the whole layout when I've tidied up some tatty scenery.
Many thanks for a great product.
Regards Ian. (19/6/11)


Peter Salmon (Wakefield) 21-6-11: The Cam Truck arrived this morning safe and sound and I am delighted with it. The finish and build quality is first rate and I congratulate you on your skills. Needless to say after charging the battery I have been playing and that has been an eye opener. Firstly I didn't know I talked to myself when I was doing something and when I am not talking, I am sighing, why I don't know because nothing went wrong.

Best wishes, Peter